Thursday, March 29, 2012

Smash Book Swap


If you are looking at this post then it's most likely that you have seen the K and Company Smash books or you have seen or created your own made from scratch. Maybe you think they are great for using as a journal, or a place to make lists or record favorite quotes.  You may be wanting to make a really cool scrapbook or use it as an art journal.  For what ever reason you have... you are drawn to the practical and unexpected look of Smash books.  I have made Smash books/ junk journals since I was a young girl using interesting envelopes, magazine pages, postcards, ticket stubs and notebook paper.  Now that I am a grown woman of 37 years... I still create them... but on a much larger scale.  

If you would like to do this swap.... here are the guidelines.

#1-To join you must sign up at   You'll need to have a Swap-bot rating of 4.80 or better and a well filled-out profile so that your partners will have an idea of what you'd like. Newbies are welcome with a completed profile. No recent or unexplained 1s or 3s. No flakers. If you are new to the site, you may join, but you will have a mailing deadline of a week earlier that those who have participated in Swap-bot swaps before.  I will contact you individually about that.

#2-In the comment section either on here or on Swap-bot you need to let me know what theme book you want to assemble and a specific size... so that if we want to cut or design a complete layout... we will know the size of your book.  I will compile a list by the last sign up day so that you may begin to gather items personalized to your partners interests/taste.   Some different theme's are:  Poetry, Vacation, Beach, Love, Kids, Pastels, Neutrals, Recipes?Food Vintage, or if you don't want a theme just say Open theme.

#3- On the sent by date (a week earlier for newbies) you will send your 4 different partners each an envelope containing at least 4 pieces of ephemera (see suggestions and pictures far below). I would encourage any of you to go the extra mile and create ONE  completed page for your partner such as the pocket page below or the cute cooking page above..... There are a lot of different ways to do one complete page.

#4- If anyone does not receive all 4 packages I will angel those spots.... Please communicate with me if for any reason you have to drop this swap.

#5-  Throughout the swap I will communicate with you. I ask that you check in at least once a week either on Swap-bot or leave a comment on this site and just check in and say Hello!  You must sign up for the swap by joining swap-bot.  Swap-bot is free and highly addictive. Be careful if you are new to the site... as you may find your self signing up for more... don't overwhelm yourself. lol.
Now get back to Swap-bot and join us!!!!!

oldestchild:  Top 10 Lists   5x7  (places to record lots of lists or picture prompts of what to write about)
soyprincesa2: A creative journal 8x10  (a place to write quotes, thoughts, record conversations... any spoken or unspoken word and add photos of those who inspire me)
LindaRichards- Asian/Oriental (no specific size)
Jeremiah25-"Fashion Cities"! So New York/ London/ Milan/ Paris themed items unspecified size
Oldest Child- Top 10 lists (create a few lists for me or share your list ideas) sized 5x7
jdstanley- open theme sized 6x6ish


  1. I'm super excited to be a part of it!

  2. Hi thanks for visiting my blog and the beautiful comment. I must say your smash books / journals are just so pretty. I have tried to do that but am not up to it. But you are so creative. All the best with your swap :)